Equitorial oil trading establishment is a local company from U.A.E. It has been established in the year of 2001 following an enormous demand for engine oil through and the world. Equitoriol produce all type of engine oils of excellent quality available at economical and affordable price. “Extremo” is the registered brand and the oil produced meets all international specifications,
Equitorial currently exports lubricants to Asia, Africa and to some countries in Arabia. We can supply lubricants in metal drums, 20 Liter, 10 liters, pair, etc in plastic containers.
We are blending fresh engine oil for both diesel and petrol engines and can manufacture any engine oil according to your specifications and requirement.
The lubricants are all manufactured in United Arab Emirates “Extremo” in washing the new area of strength, stability and quality. It is setting a new standard of consumer drive product, providing very competitive prices, thus giving the best quality of engine oil. “Extremo” Diesel Engine oil super special in mineral based Diesel Engine oil offering excellent service. Premium high technical combination suitable for normal and extreme climatic conditions provides supreme standard of performance required of complete engine protection from function at both the extreme high and low.

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