Engine lubricating oils which meet all international specification standards.



Ø     Very good lubricating ability
Ø     Excellent protection against rust & corrosion
Ø     Good thermal stability
Ø     Ensure engine cleanliness & deposit control
Ø     Highly reduced wear & deposits
Ø     Blended with useful additives
Ø     Compatible with engine “seal” materials


Ø     Quality, Grade, Specification are the priority and not the supplier’s brand         name!
Ø     Watch for the packs – NEW / Second hand and any doubtful image.
Ø     Observe while decanting the oil, any sludge, corrotive signs and others that         may signify old blended product.
Ø     The color has no relation or effect on the grade or the specification of the         oil.
Ø     Commonly used tactic is to provide a big size pack while filling less         quantity/volume.




Ø     SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
Ø     API  - American Petroleum Institute
Ø     CD  - “C” – refers to DIESEL
             “D”  & + + + refers to “category level”
Ø      SF  - “S” refers to gasoline/petrol
                             “F” & + + refers to “category level”

KNOCK – Noise associated with the premature ignition of the fuel-air  Mixture in a combustion chamber.

LUBRICATION – Control of friction and wear by an introduction of a friction reducing film between moving surfaces in contact (fluid/solid/plastic).

MULTIGRADE – A grade of oil that meets extreme lower and Higher Temperature Viscosity Limits with identified approval specification.

DISPERANCY – Ability of an oil to disperse and suspend potential deposit-forming materials so that they can be removed from the system when the oil is drained.

EXTREME PRESSURE – (EP) Chemical compound which releases wear Under extreme conditions (rubbing, sliding, high contact pressure) …. As in the case of heavily loaded gears/differentials.

FLASH POINT – The lowest temperature at which vapors arising from  a sample will ignite momentarily on application of a flame under specific conditions.

KINETIC VISCOSITY – Measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow under gravity at a specific temperature (usually 40 or 100 degrees centigrade).

ASH –    Metallic deposits formed in the combustion and other engine Parts during high temperature operations.

CARBON RESIDUE – Standardized test which measures the amount of carbon left behind after paralysis under standard conditions.

CLOUD POINT – Temperature at which a noticeable cloud of crystals

                  :  Ability of the lubricant to resist oxidation and deterioration resulting from high temp.
                     AND/OR  exposure to air.
POUR  POINT :  Lowest temp. at which a liquid petroleum 
product will flow when it is cooled under the conditions of the standard test method.

  SAE GRADE   : Grade indicating the Viscosity range of a crank case , transmission or rear axle
                     lubricant according to system designed by  SAE

                        :  Oils which do not contain compounds  OR "  Additives "


                  :  Lubricant made chemically by  reacting materials of a specific chemical composition 
to produce a compound of higher chemical properties

VISCOSITY   : Measure of the resistance to flow , OR
                    internal friction of a fluid.

                    (  Viscosity  changes  with temperature )
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