Mr. Abdulla Al Akbary
Managing Director

Equitorial Oil Trading Establishment was founded in the year of 2001 with a vision to capitalise the opportunities presented by the rapid growth in the field of Petroleum Technology
  The Engine Oil & Special Oil Product consumers all over the world have been looking forward for top quality grades of Oil Products with economically affordable prices. 

The World today has so much progressed that we can now blend high quality Engine Oils combining all the aspects of the Economical Contribution.

The Arabian Gulf is very rich with the Oil Commodities and Equitorial Oil Trading Establishment , a duly authorised Trading Enterprise in UAE has taken a step forward to introduce into the International  Markets varieties of Lubricating Oils meeting all the SAE & API Standards . Equitorial Oil Trading Establishment  specialises in meeting the demands of the Oil Consumers according to their needs . This is best explained by our excellency in product Quality/packs and first class prompt delivery services offering most Competitive Prices that you can never imagine.

Our biggest pleasure is in our concentration to provide trainings to improve the consumer knowldge in the application of our products. This is in addition to the Technical Support that we extend at all times.

We always welcome with open arms feed back suggestions that will  bring our customer satisfaction. 
May I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to both our reputable Customers and  the Equitorial Team  for their wonderful support . We look forward to the  provision of best customer's satisfaction for all the years to come.

Thank you all  and please accept our best regards. 

  (President & CEO)


Mr. Salim Al Akbary
President & CEO